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ncthriftswap's Journal

North Carolina Thrift and Swap
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This community has been set up to fill a few needs. If you find you're interested, join!

Specifically for North Carolina, I want to see members share the following:

LOCATIONS: Where do you do all your bargain shopping and thrift-store hunting? Review some of the locations you've been to! Share a new store! Help others who are visiting on their hunt for the stuff that clutters our lives but makes us happy!

STUFFS: Did you just make a spectacular find? Post a picture! We'd love to know what you paid and where you found it. How much work do you have to do to restore it? Need ideas as to what to do with it? Need to know what the heck it is? Ask!

CRAFTS: Are you needing a place to show off your latest bit of craftiness? You say you found a great box at a garage sale, and decoupaged the heck out of it? Did you knit a great hat? Have you been altering clothes, or sewing up a storm? Lets see!

SWAPS: Got stuff to swap? Then post out! We want our treasures to go to good homes! Or if you're just trying to clean house and have a stack of stuff to get rid of in a "come and get it" kind of way.

The only rules....

I'm sure we'll end up adding to this as time goes on. Have fun!