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North Carolina Thrift and Swap [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
North Carolina Thrift and Swap

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Community Thrift [Oct. 15th, 2008|11:44 am]
North Carolina Thrift and Swap

I have had some pretty decent luck with higher end names at Community Thrift, off Freedom Drive.

Every time I have been to that shop, I've found pretty good quality "names" - including J Crew, Anne Taylor LOFT, Hilfiger, and Polo - if you tend towards classics. I usually go with my friend JoJo, who has a much more Goth-Hippie thing going on, and she always does pretty well finding Asian-inspired pieces and interesting daily goth-wear pieces as well.

Worth a look.

(I completely forgot this community was here til today)
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The Salvation Army - Central Ave. (Charlotte, NC) [Feb. 28th, 2007|01:52 pm]
North Carolina Thrift and Swap

The Salvation Army on Central (Charlotte, NC) has their clothes 50% off today. I just bought three thirts, a pair of pants, and a dog toy (stuffed animal) for $10.00.

I saw a Lip Service shirt in there but I couldn't see how a grown woman could possibly wear it. It was tiny!...but I really wish it had fit. I thought about buying it in case it might fit someone else I know (maybe for a goth swap), but I honestly could think of anyone other than cartooncheryl that could wear it, and it wasn't her style.

I hate going in there though because they always tell me to have a "blessed day". I always want to tell them that I'm not planning on having a "blessed day" but I'll try to have a good one.
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Clearance at BiLo [Jan. 20th, 2007|11:29 am]
North Carolina Thrift and Swap

My best friend in high school's family were big on stocking up on stuff -- I was always fascinated by their neverending closet of "extras" -- nothing ever seemed to run out!  And I've always tried to keep extras around on things that will keep, as it's nice to have a lean month, run out of tooth paste, and know that you don't have to spend extra money you need for something else because you were smart enough to stock up when you could.

One of the things I like about BiLo are  the purple tags that ID clearance items.  Last month I stocked up on veggie burgers and veggie nuggets, which makes a happy freezer.

This week they seem to be clearancing out a bunch of shampoos and conditioners, a lot of hi-end products (John Freida) as well as other brands (Suave, Alberto V05), and it looks like their at 50% off right now.  As these kinds of things can sit on a shelf for a while, they're great stock up items.  I'll be goof for the next few months because of what I picked up today.

Also today...(O won't be able to make it, unfortunately)

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Sweater Thrifting? [Nov. 14th, 2006|02:16 pm]
North Carolina Thrift and Swap

I need to update my sweaters and long sleeved cold weather gear...  who's been where and seen what lately?
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Guardian Angel Thrift [Oct. 10th, 2006|01:07 pm]
North Carolina Thrift and Swap

I'll start the ball rolling here...

Guardian Angel Thift
Located at the intersection of South Tryon and Westinghouse

If you're looking for furniture, especially couches, I'd go here first.  I've seen couches as low as $10 in great shape.  I've seen them as high as $75, but the average price is lower than what I've seen at the Salvation Army.  They have been getting new items as well that run in the $300 range, but for the used stuff, I think it's very reasonable.  Book selection is OK, too.  I kind of get the feeling that a majority of their product has come out of people garages, and from an older age gropup, but if you have the patience to paw through the racks, I've found some nifty things.  Never have been impressed by their shoes.  Tons of stuffed animals, so if your puppy needs a new snuggle toy...

The space is huge (I think it was an old supermarket?), so there is a lot there.  Less "junky" than Value Village.
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